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  • Marty Wheaton

    Marty Wheaton

  • Sijia Chen

    Sijia Chen

  • Oh Tepmongkol-Wheaton

    Oh Tepmongkol-Wheaton

  • Ajadi Abiola

    Ajadi Abiola

    Passionate about community building, love to explore and meet new people. GDG ilorin Co-organizer, WTM ambassador

  • Alexis Snelling

    Alexis Snelling

    Human 1st, Revolutionary Startup Visionary of SheTransacts, Tech CEO, 3rd Generation Female Founder, and Olympic Level International Ice Dancer. Life is art.

  • In the Stacks

    In the Stacks

    Creators of the MyLibrarian app. Book recommendations & content from Librarians

  • Oh


  • Brooke Sinclair

    Brooke Sinclair

    Chief Executive Officer of Velourit

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